John’s visit to Hillsborough Community College and USFSM

John’s visit to Hillsborough Community College and USFSM

Education in the community is near and dear to our heart. Whether it be raising money for scholarships, donating, community outreach programs, partnering with the school district for programs… I could go on – you name it, when it comes to education, we’re about it.

When I was asked to visit the Hillsborough Community College (HCC) Tampa campus for an appearance at the Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Class, of course I couldn’t say no! We’ve had the pleasure of having Frida Bahja, an associate professor at HCC, as an intern at our Corporate Office this spring. Frida asked me to visit her class and share some of my “marketing” stories. It was a great time – and I managed to only make one student fall asleep during my guest appearance…

The class was full of bright minds… man, did they ask me some great questions. Our industry is going to be in great hands with the next generation of Hospitality professionals. I can’t wait to see the progress they bring to the industry. Frida has brought invaluable work toward the Oyster Bars this season. She will be sorely missed around here as she heads off to University of Central Florida to pursue her PhD! Thanks again for asking me to speak!

It was also a pleasure to attend this year’s HospitaBull, planned, organized and executed by students at faculty at University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee. As an advisory member of USFSM’s Hospitality program, we’re happy to support them and the events they put on. I had a great time auctioneering the event!

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