Thank You for a Great 2022!

What a memorable year 2022 was…in so many ways, wonderful and exciting….and in so many ways, challenging…and I know many of you can relate.

We’re all learning how to re-assess our expectations of how things should go vs. the reality we live in, which looks a little different from how it did ten, or even three years ago!  For example, I expected our construction timelines to run about six to eight months…but it turns out that eighteen months is more realistic 🥴

Here’s a picture of the Executive Team (not pictured, our COO Chris Frawley) at the new UTC location wearing novelty hard hats…mine looks like a hard hat on my melon! And while we’re wishing there was more AMOB blue and teal in the background, and less red and green, we’ll be there soon enough. However…if I hear one more person repeat the saying, “after you get through the construction and finally get the restaurant open, you’ll forget all of the delays and how long it took!” …let’s just say, I can’t be held responsible for my language or actions. 🤣 We might not forget, but we WILL learn! 

From left to right: Valerie Lind, CPA (Chief Financial Oyster), Eleni Sokos (Director of Brand Strategy), John Horne (Chief Executive Oyster), Amanda Horne (Royal Consort), Robert Baugh (Director of Development & Procurement)

On the bright side, the lengthy process just gives us more time to spend ensuring that we’re delivering on your expectations of quality and consistency both at our existing Oyster Bars and the new ones…and exceeding your expectations is one of the most important aspects of our jobs in the hospitality industry.

A few members from AMOB’s Class of 2022 Graduates

Here’s a look back at 2022 around the Oyster Bars, by the numbers…


67,411 AMOB House Margaritas sold including nearly 2,000 on National Margarita Day alone


Nearly 2,000 Pink Drinks sold in October to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness organizations


20,265 kids (and families) took advantage of Penny-An-Inch Kids Meals: meals for children under 12 only cost 1 cent per inch of height


Nearly 2,000 lives saved through our Quarterly Blood Drives


1,482 "Ducks" sold to support PACE Center for Girls in their annual Lucky Ducky Race


Nearly 3,000 Oysters served at community events this fall throughout Bradenton and Sarasota


11,343 books read by almost 600 children during Dive Into Reading, thanks to 321 amazing volunteer mentors


143,473 orders of our famous Fish & Chips sold... that's not including the request for "more please" when ALL YOU CAN EAT is offered!


$2400 raised for Empath Tidewell Foundation through our annual Ribs for Jerry Fundraiser

Voted Bradenton's Best

Also this past year, we were honored to see so much love & support from our AMOB Family when they voted us as “Bradenton’s Best” in FIVE categories! A silver medal in the sixth ain’t bad, either 😉

Here’s to hoping that 2023 is the best year yet for all of us! 

Thank you for your support this year, and every year. 

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Thank You for a Great 2022!

What a memorable year 2022 was…in so many ways, wonderful and exciting….and in so many ways, challenging…and I know many of you can relate. We’re

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