Statement From John Horne Regarding COVID-19

These are crazy times… unlike any I ever thought we’d ALL be facing.

Social distancing… I don’t think I’ve ever heard that terminology before… can’t wait until I never hear it again.

However, it is crucial in this time of COVID-19. But, so is family… and the AMOB Family is doing everything we can to continue to serve you, to keep our staff working as long as we can while adhering to ever-changing messages from Tallahassee and Washington.

Including the message we just received a bit ago, that effective immediately, restaurant dining rooms are ordered closed. However, we can still offer you takeout… AND… while this may be the silver lining that I’m trying really hard to find… we can ever offer you *Margaritas to-go! Hey, we’ll take what we can get.

*Please drink responsibly & wait to sip on your margarita until you are home safe & sound.

Because grocery store shelves are empty, we’re offering curbside pickup at all of our stores. We’ve ramped up our to-go service stations, so we can handle more business. You can order AMOB food to enjoy safely in the comfort of your own home… and even it out of the to-go containers, so you don’t have to do the dishes!

Starting today, here’s the new AMOB Takeout Menu we’re offering for to-go orders:

And if you live near the Landside or Pier locations, we have a golf cart/shuttle that may be able to deliver your order right to your door… just give the restaurant a call.

We believe social distancing and isolation are crucial to slowing down the advancement of the virus… less contact is better.

I know everyone is getting inundated with emails and help lists etc… but since we all have a lot of time on our hands lately, I want to share with you an article that really opened my eyes to the exponential effects of spreading the virus.

Click here to read >

Also, stay tuned for more up updates on our Facebook page.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay well.






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