Sweet Potato Tater Tots

Sweet Potato Tater Tots

You’re gonna want to save room for dessert after you read this… Introducing…


Crispy, fried sweet potatoes nuggets, drizzled with our Anna Maria Oyster Bar house-made cinnamon caramel sauce and a light & fluffy marshmallow creme. Drooling yet?

Sweet potatoes are apparently, according to science, the second-healthiest vegetable out there. Now, I’m not 100% certain that this new menu item will help you reach your New Year’s Resolution fitness goals, but in case you need a reason to try our new Sweet Tots, you can let everyone know that you’re just trying to make smarter food choices. At least in the deliciousness category, if not in healthfulness.

We offer these delicious nugs as a side item, for a satisfying “wow, that hit the spot!” dessert, or even for a sweet treat *before* dinner as an appetizer! (Kiddos, we’ve got your back). I’m also thinking our Happy Hour guests might like this one, after an AMOB Margarita or two!

P.S. we’re coming up on National Sweet Potato Month in February…Coincidence? I think not.