The Winter Olympics and Your Favorite Seafood

The Winter Olympics and Your Favorite Seafood

We are so proud of one of very own, Josh Santillan. If you’re an AMOB regular, you might know Josh from our Ellenton location where he works full-time. He leads a pretty busy life taking online college courses and working full-time, but he also trains full-time as a competitive figure skater!

Training at the Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex, across the highway from our Ellenton location, Josh and his team mate Jessica Pfund have been training for US Nationals. They’ve had intense training, too. Being at the ice rink from 8:30am to 3:30pm, their training also includes ballet twice a week, off-ice fitness three times a week, off-ice lifts every day, and performing their programs off-ice. Whew – talk about a work out!

Needless to say, their training definitely paid off. Josh and Jessica placed 8th at the US Figure Skating Nationals, which happened in January of this year. A round of applause to them both for their amazing accomplishment and commitment to the sport!

A special thank you to Sun City Center News for this great article highlighting our team member.