12 Cheers for 20 Years: August

12 cheers update –

We are so happy to have raised $944 that will directly benefit the supplemental grant program by Manatee Education Foundation,  thanks to YOUR support!

Plus, four local schools received a whole bunch of school supplies that will really help out our teachers.



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Happy birthday, Anna Maria Oyster Bars… Volume 8

I was never very good at paying attention in school… but if you have been paying attention to my monthly 12 Cheers messages over the last eight months (and I hope you have!)… then you know how important Education is to me and my family… and as a result, to the entire Anna Maria Oyster Bar family. 

And, if you have followed local newspapers over the last 5 or so years, you will also know that the School District has been extremely hard at work ensuring that our schools are well-funded and well-maintained… so that each school is a happy, healthy learning environment for students to succeed.

Unfortunately, funding for special programs and products to enhance educational initiatives runs out. That’s where Manatee Education Foundation steps in, to financially support opportunities for Manatee County Public School teachers and students to educate and learn in innovative ways… beyond the allocated state dollars.

This organization does a wonderful job of collaborating with community and business leaders to develop funding for tools and projects that actually EXCITE these kids and motivate them to dig deeper.

Check out this great video below that shows the impact Manatee Education Foundation’s supplemental grants on students and teachers. MEF also facilitates dozens of scholarships for local students to further their education.

Learn more on their website >

Cheers to 20 Years!

So that’s why it’s so crucial for us to support MEF… to ensure that Manatee County’s kids have access to cutting-edge technology and resources… to guarantee that our community is competitive and healthy for generations to come.

Make sure you come in and have a Birthday Cake cocktail or a pint of Dos Equis (since XX stands for 20!)… All month long, a portion of proceeds from these beverages are donated to Manatee Education Foundation and on Sunday, August 20, the entire amount.

Please remember to bring in a donation for our School Supply Drive! Each Oyster Bar location is collecting supplies for a different local elementary school. Anything is appreciated! Notebooks, pencils, crayons, paper, folders, wine for the teachers… just kidding, though I’m sure they could already use a glass after only a few days back!


Thanks again, folks, for tuning in to our “12 Cheers for 20 Years” newsletter… look out for more news & updates from the Anna Maria Oyster Bars soon!

and as always, Stay Thirsty My Friends…

— John

…Elvis has left the building.


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