Try our Drink of the Month: Shell Yeah!

In May, we started recycling our oyster shells. Thousands of oysters are consumed at local seafood restaurants in Florida like Anna Maria Oyster Bar. When oyster shells are disposed of, they pile up in our ever-growing landfills. Recycling the shells helps filter the water and create the next generation of harvestable oysters in 3-5 years! But how?

Steps to Oyster Recycling:

  1. Oysters are consumed at seafood restaurants and placed in the special bins provided by Waste Pro. The shells are picked up every week.
  2. The recycled shells are turned into “oyster modules” created for habitat restoration projects.
  3. The habitat begins forming as larval oysters settle on the shells, creating the next generation of harvestable oysters in 3-5 years.

Waste Pro provided us with bins to keep the oyster shells in. The shells then go to Solutions To Avoid Red Tide (START) who delivers the shells to the Perico Preserve.

To keep our recycling efforts going, we created a delicious drink called “Shell Yeah” made up of Coconut Cruzan Rum, Blue Curacao, Peach Schnapps, and Pink Lemonade! All of the proceeds go to our oyster recycling program to combat Red Tide. Enjoy a refreshing drink AND help save our seas…a win-win! Next time you’re at the O-Bar, don’t forget to ask your server for an ice-cold Shell Yeah!

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