Shell Yeah We Recycle!

Shell Yeah We Recycle!

Thousands of oysters are consumed at local seafood restaurants in Florida like Anna Maria Oyster Bar. The shells are usually discarded before piling up in our ever-growing landfills. In August 2018, Waste Pro teamed up with Solutions To Avoid A Red Tide (START), a non-profit organization that focuses on funding research and increasing public awareness about the importance of preserving Florida’s marine environment.

We’re proud to say we have joined the movement! Waste Pro provided AMOB with oyster shell recycling bins. The oyster shells we recycle will be sent to Perico Preserve where the shells are then placed in a reef to make new oysters, which naturally filter the water.

Three Steps to Oyster Recycling:

  1. Oysters are consumed at seafood restaurants and placed in the special bins provided by Waste Pro. The shells are picked up every week.
  2. The recycled shells are turned into “oyster modules” created for habitat restoration projects.
  3. The habitat begins forming as larval oysters settle on the shells, creating the next generation of harvestable oysters in 3-5 years.

The Marine Discovery Center reported that 118,085 pounds of oyster shells have been recycled this year. We are so excited to start recycling our shells and increase this number!

Thank you Waste Pro, START, and to the Marine Discovery Center for your continued efforts to save our seas!