Lobster + Margarita = NEW LobsterRita!

Lobster + Margarita = NEW LobsterRita!

Spring is officially here, and along with it comes the PERFECT weather that is the reason we all love living in Florida. Easter is on the horizon, and we have some *hoppy* deals ready for you!

We are introducing a special NEW seasonal Margarita, for today only. Say hello to your new favorite, the LobsterRita!

Did you know that couples are most likely to break up in the spring and two weeks before Christmas? (According to a Facebook study, which is obviously 100% accurate.) If you happen to get dumped, don’t worry…drink your heart-break away with our LobsterRita!

This stomach-churning, artery-clogging margarita is to DIE for! Succulent lobster chunks paired with sweet strawberry flavor will have you craving this delicious and filling drink 24/7. AND…get this…our NEW signature Strawberry flavoring even stains your mouth an impressive shade of red for up to three days! When your friends see your ruby-red stained teeth, they will know you had the new LobsterRita from AMOB. How JAWSOME is that?! ¬†Stop by the Oyster Bar nearest you to try one today.

By now you may have guessed… APRIL FOOL’S! There’s no exclusive LobsterRita… sorry to disappoint your crustacean cravings. But stop by any Oyster Bar, today, April 1, 2019, and use the code word “LobsterRita” for a FREE special surprise!