2017 Graduates’ Luncheon

2017 Graduates’ Luncheon

We are pleased to celebrate the accomplishments of our student staff members!

Successfully balancing academics and work, most of these individuals are soon graduating from high school (and one college grad!). We are so proud of their hard work, so today’s lunch at AMOB on the Pier was both a treat for them and for us. John & the Anna Maria Oyster Bar family love this annual event, which is another testament to our commitment to community educational initiatives.

Please join us in congratulating them on their success!

Leshai Riddle – Bayshore High School / Landside
Andrew Handel – Bayshore High School / Landside
Rachel Crump – Manatee High School / Landside
Anna Drulia – Bayshore High School / Cortez
Anthony Mignone – Palmetto High School / Ellenton
Brian Anderson – Lakewood Ranch High School / Ellenton
Brooke Bezilla – Lakewood Ranch High School / Ellenton
Kaitlyn Treffinger – Lakewood Ranch High School / Ellenton
Kaitlin Walker – Lakewood Ranch High School / Ellenton
Noah Thurnau – Palmetto High School / Ellenton
Ian Nyhus – Braden River High School / Ellenton
Armando Acevedo – Palmetto High School / Ellenton
Chelsea Miller -State College of Florida / Ellenton
Monisa Huffman – Bayshore High School / Pier
Joanne Daniel – Manatee High School / Pier

Click the image below to view the full gallery.

2017 Graduates' Luncheon / Google Photos

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